Big Numbers is an unfinished comic book series by Alan Moore (writer) and Bill Sienkiewicz (artist). Two issues were published by Mad Love in 1990. Moore described this series as a potential magnum opus.

In the two issues which were published the broad story is about the effect of a new US backed shopping centre development on an English town. In a similar way to his graphic novel and comic book series Watchmen Moore tells the story from a number of perspectives using a range of disparate characters. Another level of understanding is through fractal geometry, chaos theory and the mathematical ideas of Benoξt Mandelbrot. The series intended to show that patterns existing at the large scale (the effect of the town) would have existed at a micro scale (the effect on individual characters lives).

Unlike many other comic books however, the story is told in an entirely real world. This is emphasised by Sienkiewicz's use of "photo-realistic" pencil drawings for the series.

The series won the Squiddy Award for Favorite Limited Series in 1990.
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